The Unspoken Story of the People of America
I’m a man of faith who has spent over fifteen years observing the city of Los Angeles through the frame of my camera. Having a keen interest in telling the story of the city of Angels, as my home town, but also any city I happen to be in within the US, I believe strongly that the true American story has both gone unheard and yet matters. That people don’t know this country as well as they could, that Hollywood does not represent the character of the people of this country, but that taking a peer into the lives of this people is beautiful and worthy of our time.
I believe we all have something to tell the world and that’s why photographing my subjects stories is a way I can give them voice while also allowing me to write my story through the subjects and scenes I reveal. Doing this is my passion.
My hope is that this generation growing up today would see these photographs and that it would inspire them to walk the streets of their city, getting to know it’s people and expanding their understanding of this present life rather than staying inside with the comforts of their home. Our screens can’t explain the truths of life quite like the streets can. #inourmanyweareone.
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