I am an LA native, living in Las Vegas, who comes from a family of photographers. My father spent 20 years photographing fires for the La County Fire Department. My mom picked up the hobby from him to become the photographer for FolkWorks Magazine and the Official Festival Photographer for the Summer Soltice Festival put on by the California Traditional Music Society. At the age of eleven, so did I. I borrowed an old film camera of his to use while on a trip to Mammoth Lakes with a friend. We were there on the lake one day and it was sunny and cool and the next day a snow storm blew took over the town completely. The day after the storm hit, in the courtyard of the condo there was an old blue Schwinn bicycle. The snow had blanketed it and the light was falling on it softly. Getting back that photo from the developer ignited a passion.
Poetry, photography, screenwriting, and storytelling was my major and the City of Angels was my classroom and campus. I grew up walking the streets, riding the bus, all while photographing, writing and meeting people.
I’ve worked with many people, of all backgrounds and types. I love people, I love God and I love life. I have no problem working with any certain kind of person and I love every experience I have. I speak Spanish so in case that’s part of your needs, puede tener confianza de que no va a estar problemas en eso.
I do this, all for those with whom I get to work and for the love of the art of photography.

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