If we work together, I will give you something unique. The care I put into you sets me apart from my fellow photographers. I’m interested in who you are. In your fiancé, child, boyfriend, mother, company and the story you want to tell with them, for them, about them. I want to know how you and your significant other work things out, and the love you have for each other. Where you met, how long it took to turn into a relationship, the moment you knew you two were meant to be and when he or she did as well.

I have a desire to do more with you than just take photo’s once, but my goal instead, is to build a relationship. I want to see your life evolve. Just a couple years ago I realized that a longtime friend was the perfect woman for me. She became the love of my life, we had a child together and we are happy together working out our issues peacefully and like a team, loving each other, and having fun. I know how great it is to have that special someone in your life
For this reason it's my goal to help you capture the story of a special part of your life. So that you can experience this certain day not only to look back on and not only as memories, but living memories through the photographs we make together.

Thank you so much for your interest,
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