In working with erikstoufferphotography, you will get something unique. The care put into you sets me apart from other photographers. I take an interest in really capturing who you are.
When a great actor sets out to act in a role he or she has been given, that actor will study their character and how their character would live it's life. My motto at erikstoufferphotography is More Than A Photo, and that is because I am more than a photographer. I am an artist and you are my subject. I seek to find and help create that moment in our photo session where you reveal the inner you, that beautiful, true and timeless self that we all have.
For this reason your comfort and peace around me is my craft. To give you the assurance that you can be yourself in the presence of a camera is what I do best so that you can be effortlessly you. I do this so that you can experience this certain day and look back on it like living memories which tells your story as it was.

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